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We're the best

We provide our members with PROFESSIONAL betting picks for soccer/basketball from the major and some minor european football leagues and some specified basketball leagues . In a month , our team will release between 15-25 picks .As it is stated in Our goal and About us , you should be sure that you are ready to follow us in long term.Otherwise we cant guarantee you a profit after just some days from joining.

We are sure that betting is not easy and more earnings could be taken only in long term. We are fighting to end each month with a nice and green number . After 2 YEARS ONLINE we could say that our service generate profit overall, for example we had just 2 really bad months , at the start of year in january and at the end of season in August ! . You will receive BsP picks via email /SMS 90 minutes to 12 hours before each match start.Picks will be for single 1x2 events-rarely, asian handicap and under/over bets recently. Only selections of the highest quality , released by our board will reach your email inbox.

With BestSportPunters.com you could become a winner EACH MONTH ; no stress to choose a match, no stress to ask around! We do the job for you! Off course, you could still ask in forums for free picks but for sure in time, you may reconsider that thing, and will understand why some picks are free.

Getting Started

Once you sign up with our predictions service, you'll be sent your welcome pack, with ll the information. We'll include info on which betting calculators you should be using (freebetcalc.com, BetAngel) , how to manage your betting diary (Excel is our favourite tool there) and how you should best be reinvesting your winnings.

So head over to the contact page of this site and send us an email. We'll then take it from there!