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About Our Team

This is the part of the website where we should really impress you.Wow , we are the big guys wich makes the things to move...and so on.. We will not try this, we will try to write again a known already story about the difference between those 95 % losing in long term and making bookies happy and the others, where we think and want to stay... Between winner's side...

Off course, nobody is born full of knowledges .Everybody should face good and bad times in life, and we all have our time to earn wich is ok and what is bad for us. For sure, we started like many others, betting a lot of events on a ticket, following a table and 2-3 infos...So, everybody was part from losing side.Losing in a long time, cause 2-3 winnings are enough at first level to make you happy and to keep hope to a BIG HIT....wich will not come...

We are looking mostly for people who know how hard is to beat bookies in long-term. People who know that this is possible but only approximately 2 -3 % of all bettors know how to do it. This service is dedicated mostly for these who want to belong to this pride bevy. You will ask: 2 % are rich and 98 % losing their money? Yes that's right but in every proffession 2 % reach the top of it. We know how to do it in terms of betting.We learned our lessons with many years ago . People who treat betting not as a gambling, roulette or black jack but as investing their money like in stock exchange.

There is only one difference between what we are doing and what you can find on stock exchange. Our tips are not related with such variables like global financial crisis. We show you that there is always good time for making extra money. Our website is dedicated to those punters which give value to their money and usual search a single tip to place on it their money. BsP service is suitable for medium-high punters with stakes higher than 50/tip. Our tips were verified always, from April 2009 by a third part, (verifiedtipsters, sports-tipsters.co.uk, surveillance ba) so you will have no doubts that what we have in our database in history not belong to reality. We will have around 10 tips/week and everything regarding subscription plans and discounts could be find on our home page.

All members from team, have on their back at least 10 years of betting, each one follow his own league for many years.Each subscriber will remain a VIP for us, so just feel free to ask us anytime anything and we will be happy to assist you.We are happy when our subscribers smile, we are satisfied when we know that we have between our subscribers a good numbers of long time followers !

That mean the we MAKE IT HAPPEN